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Things We Always Need


Money buys several THOUSAND pounds of food a month. The dogs have a special diet. To make sure they don't get sick from changing foods we feed only one kind of food that we have shipped in especially for their optimum health. One shipment of food costs about $7,000.

Emergency care for dogs and cats. One trip to the emergency room can cost $1,000. A back or heart operation can easily cost $3,000. Vaccines to protect thousands of puppies. Thousands of animals come through our low cost spay/neuter clinic each year and each is in need of more than the $25 fee will provide. We operate the clinic at a deficit as a public service.

Altering for every dog and cat that comes through HUA. The average cost is $125 for a healthy animal. Many need other work such as dental extractions, tumors removed, hernias repaired, antibiotics. The cost for a routine mill dog spay/neuter/dental and other items that we almost always find would on average be at least $500 if a specialist is not needed, and often times they are needed which runs into the thousands. And all the health care and preventative medicines that keep the guys and gals of HUA in tip top condition once they are with us. (Not to mention some toys and treats too!)

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Gift Cards

Gift cards to Wal-mart, Pamida, Office Depot, Office Max, Petco, Petsmart or Sam's Club help us to buy the supplies we need at stores that are located near us. The dogs especially like Sam's Club as that is where their very favorite treats come from!

Miscellaneous Needs

  • Figure 8 Harnesses for the dogs. We need all sizes but Medium and Small are the most used.
  • Stamps
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Blankets and towels
  • Adjustable collars
  • Stainless steel bowls that cannot tip over
  • Heartgard Plus
  • Airline kennels - Vari-kennel brand is what we use to fly dogs to their new homes.
  • Pens, paper, tape
  • Gerber Baby Meat Sticks for dogs from puppymills. Sometimes if a dog will eat nothing else, they will eat these, and it is a great way to give pills.
  • Leashes
  • Hard chew toys (not rawhide or Greenies as they can be dangerous for the dogs)
  • Soft treats for puppymill dogs without teeth
  • Lasix
  • Heavy duty clippers
  • Scissors - many pairs
  • Packaging tape
  • Great Dane size open wire crates
  • Cat litter
  • Frontline
  • Various size grooming combs and brushes - Furminators are great!
  • Copy Paper and Manilla File Folders
  • Photo style paper for printing photographs
  • Laundry soap and bleach (any liquid soap)
  • Self-laminating pages for the dog's pictures and names on their apartment doors.
  • Newspapers so the dogs can do their daily business and keep up to speed with global issues. We ask that newspapers have the slick inserts removed as it takes up valuable staff time to separate them.

And the dogs have personally requested...TOYS, TREATS, TOYS, TREATS, TOYS, TREATS, TOYS, TREATS, TOYS, TREATS, TOYS, TREATS, TOYS, TREATS...(Favorite toys include booda bones, chewmen, rope toys, balls, kongs. The dogs destroy vinyl toys immediately. We don't give the dogs rawhides or Greenies.)

Any food donated to the shelter will be used for the food pantry at the low cost spay/neuter clinic because the HUA dogs are on a controlled diet of only one brand of food (to prevent stomach upset).

You can mail any donation to:

Box 286
Auburn, NE 68305


73420 638th Ave.
Auburn, NE 68305

Thank you!


Homeless Man and His Dog Need Help to Stay Together
Tracy rescued Buck when he was just a baby.  Buck was tied outside where neighbors would watch him fall off the porch, suspended by his leash, just short of being able to put his little paws on the ground and strangling himself.  They would help him out only to have it happen again.  Finally Tracy came along and gave him a home where he would be safe.  Returning the favor for being rescued, Buck rescued Tracy.  Tracy had Buck certified as a therapy dog to help him with his PTSD.  Buck became his best friend and helps him tremendously with his mental illness.  Several months later Tracy received a call saying that his mother in Nebraska was in ill health, that he needed to come be with her and get her set up in a permanent care facility.  Tracy was able to
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18 Puppy Mill Dogs Were Scheduled to Die
Just seven days ago, late in the afternoon, we received an urgent message.  Eighteen puppy mill dogs were going to be killed by the breeder first thing the next morning if they weren't rescued.  Another rescue had found out about it but did not have the resources to drop everything to go save them.  Within 20 minutes of receiving the details, Julie and Lori threw crates and blankets in the HUA van and took off for central Missouri.  Six hours later, after a harrowing trip through the steep hills of Amish mill country, complete with horse and buggy crossing signs, the dogs were safely resting and gobbling down soft nutritious food at HUA.  We were told they were all old, but some turned out to be quite young. 
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41 Dachshunds Saved from Arkansas Puppy Mill
Forty-one Dachshunds arrived at Hearts United for Animals on Monday evening, January 25th.  Julie and Linda from HUA rescued them from an Arkansas breeding facility that was going out of business.  We were told that they were rare colors, gorgeous dogs with many championship winners among them.  The breeder said they were well cared for and were her babies.  She knew each one and would tell us all about them.  That sounded different from the typical puppy mill rescue, a breath of fresh air to find a breeder who treated the dogs so well.  Unfortunately, when we arrived the story didn’t resemble reality at all.     Julie and Linda were taken into a
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