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American Eskimo
27 lbs
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Jackson and his brothers came to HUA in January 2009 from a puppy mill in Arkansas that would soon be shut down. When the mill failed to sell their litter, the dogs were tied up outside, and they lived that way for nearly a year. Their physical condition upon arrival at HUA was horrendous, but even worse was their terror of humans. They are still a work in progress, but intensive socialization work with a volunteer has brought about a lot of healing.

Jackson may look big and strong, but his whole body used to shake when a human was in the same room as his pen. He is still kind of a shy guy, but he has learned to LOVE being petted, and he is coming up more and more often to ask for it! In most things he tends to follow the lead of his best pal Lincoln, but when it comes to petting, Jackson will come up to his volunteer by himself. He barks and squeals with joy when he sees his volunteer, and if Lincoln is already up on a couch, Jackson will happily become the other "bookend" dog and lounge on the couch with a petter between the two of them. He has lots of energy and loves to run and play and explore. He is also the greatest music lover of them all! As soon as his volunteer is seated, Jackson will settle somewhere nearby, put his head on his crossed paws and stare expectantly as if to say, "What are you going to sing for me first?" He would be in seventh heaven with an adopter who would serenade him with soft, gentle melodies and pet him at the same time!
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