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American Eskimo
23 lbs
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Homeward Bound! - Adopted!

Happily living in Nebraska City, NE

Lincoln and his brothers came to HUA in January 2009 from a puppy mill in Arkansas that would soon be shut down. When the mill failed to sell their litter, the dogs were tied up outside, and they lived that way for nearly a year. Their physical condition upon arrival at HUA was horrendous, but even worse was their terror of humans. They are still a work in progress, but intensive socialization work with a volunteer has brought about a lot of healing.

Lincoln is a brilliant, fascinating dog! He is always thinking, always studying a situation, and therefore he is often the first to try something new that he has thought about and considers safe--he was the first Arkansas boy to let his volunteer pet him; he quickly saw the value of jumping into a water tank in 90 degree weather; he taught himself the tunnels in the agility yard; and the first time he saw a couch he just knew it had been placed there for his comfort. Though he is the smallest dog in his pen, the other three Eskies respect him, and he gets along very well. He loves to explore in the agility yard, loves to curl up and be sung to, and when he feels like being petted, he knows how to communicate that and how to really get into it! He looks out for his friends, too; he is kind to the other dogs, and if you have a cut on your hand, he will continually come up to check on it. He's a dear, precious boy who needs an adopter he can look out for 24/7!
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