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American Eskimo
21 lbs
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Homeward Bound! - Adopted!

Happily living in Nebraska City, NE

Roosevelt and his brothers came to HUA in January 2009 from a puppy mill in Arkansas that would soon be shut down. When the mill failed to sell their litter, the dogs were tied up outside, and they lived that way for nearly a year. Their physical condition upon arrival at HUA was horrendous, but even worse was their terror of humans. They are still a work in progress, but intensive socialization work with a volunteer has brought about a lot of healing.

Roosevelt was the first one of these boys to really open up his heart to love. After a few short months here, he was clearly enjoying being petted and cuddled. He's the smallest of the Eskies, but he's the leader in his pen because of his spunk and his exuberance. In fact, he has helped bring Kennedy and Siku out of their shells, teaching them much about trusting people and loving life. One would never guess how his life had begun when seeing Roosevelt greet his volunteer--wild, gravel-kicking, ecstatic circles around his pen, kisses through the fence, joyous barking, tail wagging, and grinning from ear to ear! He radiates joy and love! This delightful boy is smart and eager to please, too. He is energetic and loves to run and explore, but his favorite thing to do is to cuddle with his volunteer, to get petted, to nuzzle each other's faces and to look into each other's eyes. His eyes say, "I adore the ground you walk on." To be loved by such a dog is happiness indeed.
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