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Ember Featured

Beagle Mix
47 lbs
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Ember's beginnings were tragic. Her owners did not see fit to let her into their home. She was chained outside 24/7, and on the day she was rescued it was zero degrees. There was a doghouse on the property, but it was too small for Ember to fit into. Neighbors were horrified at this treatment, and finally were able to talk the owners into surrendering her. These neighbors were so kind that they drove Ember to HUA late in the night so she would not be forced to spend one more night out in the bitter cold on the end of a chain. Despite being treated like a piece of garbage by the family that was supposed to love her, Ember adores people. She is so grateful for the comforts at the shelter and is having an outright blast getting to know everybody. She is doing great with leash training and every new adventure puts a gigantic smile on her face. She is happy and silly and full of life. Ember has shown that she is selective about other dogs. Some she likes, some she does not. It will be important for her new family to meet her in person if she is to go to a home with another dog.
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