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Teak Featured

23 lbs
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Teak Beagle was brought to HUA by his heartbroken family, who fell on such hard times that they were no longer able to take good care of him. These situations are so awful for everybody involved and we are always sensitive to the emotions the dog must be experiencing. Teak was confused and sad. We covered him with hugs and kisses and assured him that he was going to have a very good time here until we found him a new home. Teak had no reason not to believe us and quickly decided that yes, this IS a fun place. He plays with all the awesome toys, he loves going on walks with the volunteers, he enjoys playing with his many dog friends. Teak is a people watcher and we laugh wondering what is going through his mind as he takes in all the goings-on. He seems very amused by human antics and flashes some cheeky grins if we do something particularly ridiculous. He is a funny, handsome, smart boy and will fit right in to home life, grateful for being given a second chance at love.
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