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Wigzi Featured

Cairn Terrier Mix
7 lbs
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Wigzi was saved by a rescue group in Ohio. He needed a lot of time to conquer his fears. When he arrived at HUA, he was completely aloof and ran aimlessly and frantically around the fence perimeter of the yard to get away from people. He could not and would not make eye contact with us. After many months of socialization, Wigzi is a new dog. He absolutely loves visiting the sunroom for visits with people and treat snatching. He looks in our eyes now, although shyly. It is adorable. He will stop if one of us walks by so we will pick him up for a cuddle. He is curious and wanting to know all the workings of this fun place. Wigzi still has a way to go before he is completely tuned in, but he has made amazing progress and we cannot wait to hear how well he does once he is in his own home.
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