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Savior Featured

Aussie/Cathoula Mix
50 lbs
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Savior and Chloe are siblings that came to the shelter after being rescued from an abuse case in Iowa. They have had a rough time of it and it shows. At only a year old, these two youngsters have learned that people can be mean and uncaring. When they arrived, they were nervous, timid and unsure of what we might do to them. Time has begun to heal all wounds, however, and Savior and Chloe have learned that they can trust their caregivers and look to them for security and comfort. They are showing signs of true happiness and learning that they are free to express themselves and be loved without condition. They are beautiful creatures who deserve to be adored, admired, and respected. Savior and Chloe are close to one another, but they are bonding with other dogs as well and we do not feel that they must be adopted together. The important thing is that they both find a loving, safe home where they can live happily and without fear for the rest of their precious lives.
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