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10 lbs
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Our little boy, Ansel, before his rescue, led a life of complete and constant pain. He didn't know what to make of it when he finally got his freedom from a puppy mill in Kansas, where he had been born. Ansel's feet NEVER touched anything but a rusty, wire crate bottom. As a result, his feet were horribly splayed, with oozing blisters between each toe. It was the worst case of that sort that we have ever seen. Ansel was hurting so badly that he could barely stand. His eyes spoke of cruelty and horror beyond measure. As if twisted piggy toes weren't bad enough, Ansel also had infected gums that facilitated the removal of 16 teeth. It was also discovered that his heart was slightly enlarged. Through all of this, Ansel has remained a perfect gentleman. He wants desperately to be our friend, but he isn't 100% sure he should take the risk. Despite his nervousness, he flirts with people and dances around our feet, wiggling with anticipation. He actually is a bit of an actor, and we know that Chihuahua personality is just about to burst through. He is loving the fine outdoors, his wonderful food, his canine buddies and the tickle of grass between his healing toesies!
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