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Bambi Featured

13 lbs
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Bambi was taken from a puppy mill by another rescue group, then transported to HUA where she was welcomed with open arms. She was a tad cautious at first, not sure whether we were humans that were good or bad. Her main caregiver, Jenny, immediately recognized something special in Bambi, and in return Bambi decided to pour her heart out to Jenny. She gets so excited to see her and does the happiest little jig in anticipation of some cuddle time. Through this nice, comfortable relationship, Bambi has learned that she is surrounded by all good people and she has opened up to the rest of us. We get many tiny kisses and quality lap time. Bambi has learned to walk on a leash which is mighty impressive. She loves prancing around the fields showing off her dainty feet and delicate grin. We are overjoyed at the prospect of Bambi in her very own home, being spoiled endlessly and loved for her courage, her resilience and her hope that this wonderful new life is real and is hers.
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