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Blondie Boo

9 lbs
Blondie Boo
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Iowa.

Blondie Boo lived happily in a home until much to her dismay, her people began producing children. Blondie thought this to be a terrible idea and was not at all fond of those small people. She was afraid they were going to be rough with her and she did not want to be held by them. So, as often happens, she was surrendered to the shelter since the people were not going to get rid of the kids. Blondie Boo has made a nice life for herself here at HUA. She is a sweet, lovely, civilized little girl who very much loves to be around all the grown-ups. She adores being spoken to and hangs on every word as if we are a bunch of geniuses. She can often be found sitting nicely and looking up expectantly, waiting to be swooped into someone's arms. Obviously, Blondie Boo does not want to share her home with children, but that is her only request. She will be most content to just snuggle with her parents and listen raptly to their words of wisdom and songs of praise.
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