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Chihuahua Mix
11 lbs
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Damita breaks our hearts into pieces. She is afraid of everybody and everything, so afraid that a warm lap makes her quiver in fright and a kind word has her cowering in a corner. She came from a hoarding situation and suffered severe neglect. We have no idea if she was born into that situation, but it appears that she must have suffered from severe abuse at some point in her life. She trusts nobody. She does not play at all. She shows no signs of joy. Over time, a few people have been able to bond with Damita by hand feeding her some delicious chicken bits. She will allow a back scratch occasionally when her belly is full, as long as she knows the person. Damita is a pitiful, sad little beauty that could take months, maybe even years, to come around to being comfortable in a shelter environment, no matter how awesome it is here for most other dogs. We are certain that she can and will bond with people once she is in a safe, loving, gentle, patient home with people who understand her. We know those people are out there. We've met them. They are the people who adopt old dogs, blind dogs, deaf dogs, physically disabled dogs, bald dogs, and yes, terrfied dogs. We have high hopes for Damita. We know her people will step forward and we can't wait to meet them and watch them fall in love.
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