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7 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Fargo, North Dakota.

Fuscia came to HUA from a puppy mill in the midwest that bred tiny dogs over and over, only to toss them out when they stopped producing. Many of the little angels there had major health issues, including severe gum disease, mammary tumors, ear and eye infections and dangerous parasites. Fuscia escaped from the mill early, with no signs of illness but with a broken spirit. She was very shy and afraid of everything. She did not have any idea how to be a dog. She was unaware of a thing called "fun." However, it did not take long to convince her that her former life was NOT normal and NOT okay and that she was safe and sound here with us. Fuscia is now a playful, happy little girl who loves her friends, both human and canine. She still takes a moment or two to warm up to strangers, but once she decides you're good, then you are REALLY good. Fuscia has become a bit of a cuddle bug and big grins emerge when this thing called "fun" is being had. We are quite proud of the little beauty and tell her so every day.
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