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Hadley Featured

Chihuahua Mix
11 lbs
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Hadley is one of three little dogs thrown out by people who decided they didn't want them anymore. The dogs were founded running wildly around a lake, not knowing what on earth to do to get to safety. Hadley was elusive, frightened, unsure and hard to capture. Although he is now having a lot of fun here at the shelter, he is still a little worried that people won't like him. But when he knows that they do, Hadley is a great little pal. He very much wants to hold onto the love he is shown and displays adorable acts of affection that render him irresistable. Hadley gets along really well with the other little dogs and enjoys their company. We are excited to put this little guy up for adoption. We want to find him a home with people who understand that he still needs some assurances and are willing to show him that he is worth adoration and huge amounts of spoiling.
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