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9 lbs
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Marketta came to us from a puppy mill in Iowa that breeds until their mother dogs either stop producing, or die. Marketta escaped just in the nick of time, as to our surprise she gave birth soon after her arrival. Imagine - having babies at the ripe old age of 63 years old! Her body was worn out and exhausted. Who knows how many litters she produced over the years, only to have her babies taken away too soon so they could be tiny enough to earn top dollar? Marketta took a while to decide she was allowed to be happy. She had never had anything good happen to her, so she could not quite wrap her head around the fact that she was safe and loved. She now adores FUN. She is quite into having a good time. She is happy. She is strong and determined not to let her frightening past get in the way of a beautiful future. We know that to some people she is just another puppy mill mama that was, horrifyingly, thrown out like yesterday's garbage when she got too old, but to us, she is a princess. She deserves to feel special. She deserves to be cherished. She deserves to go home.
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