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Turbo Featured

8 lbs
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Turbo Jet somehow found himself at a local pound, but when his people were notified he was there, they flat out refused to get him out. They left him there, knowing that his probable fate would be an end to his life. Thankfully, the people at the pound saw something so special in him and contacted HUA to ask us to rescue him. We are so happy we did. Turbo is a riot. He is a feisty little bugger who cracks us up with his silly Chihuahua antics. He loves to play and prance about and becomes very attached to his caregivers. He insists on frequent belly rubs and room to zoom. He plays well with the other little dogs but would also be just fine as an only pet. Because of his Chihuahua-ness, Turbo takes a minute to warm up to new people and may not make the best first impression. It is actually quite entertaining to watch him size a person up, making sure it's a good one. Once his decision is made, though, he'a friend for life.
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