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Border Collie/Terrier Mix
20 lbs
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now living happily in North Platte, Nebraska

You would never know by looking at her smiley pictures, but Jackie is one of the most absolutely terrified animals we have ever known. It took months for her to allow us to touch her, and a long, long time after that to actually not let touch terrify her. We've tried lots of different things that have worked with other dogs to show them comfort and hope, but nothing worked with this unbelievably frightened little girl. She didn't care about treats, she didn't like soft music, she hated a nice, warm bath. It was almost as if she just wanted to curl up into herself and die. We were devastated at the possibilites of what she must have gone through as a baby, as she was hardly more than a pup when she was rescued by another group and turned over to us. We can not fathom the horror of what she lived through. But we were determined to reach Jackie, and finally we saw her perk up a little bit when she went to live with Blossom, a shy but sweet Cocker Spaniel who had also had some giant fears to conquer. Jackie must have realized that we all have our struggles, some worse than others, but it really does pay to love. It's a chance she knew she had to take in order to ever find joy in this life. And she did it. She is having so much fun walking on her leash and playing in the yard that she can hardly stand it. She is learning to live like a dog should. She is open to trying new things, even if they are scary at first. Jackie will probably never be a crazy, happy-go-lucky, sunshine-y dog. She has just been through too much. But she can and will be content and happy in a quiet home with loving people who will dedicate themselves to making Jackie understand that she will never, ever be hurt by humans again.
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