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Coton de Tulear
11 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Reno, Nevada.

Beckett used to be livestock. He used to be a piece of property whose only value in life was to make his miller money. He lived in a rusted out cage and was given food and water whenever someone got around to it. He had no idea what a bed or blanket felt like, he had no idea what a toy was, he had no idea whatsover what love means. Now that he has been broken out of that horrible puppy mill, Beckett has to learn how to be a dog rather than a object. He is quite open to this idea and has become a huge favorite among the staff and volunteers at the shelter. He is having the best time playing with the other little dogs and happiness is written all over his beautiful little face. He has begun to ask us for company and play time and is approaching with a big grin and a waggy tail. We're so proud of him. He has no reason in the world to trust us, but we know he is beginning to do just that. We want Beckett to continue his progress toward bliss in his own home, where he can get gobs of attention and constant love from a family who knows that you cannot put a pricetag on a soul so precious as his.
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