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Darik Featured

11 lbs
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Darik the Daredevil was found as a stray on a farm and brought to HUA by a person who took pity upon him. Since then, the poor guy has had some pretty heavy challenges. When he arrived at HUA, he had strange black warts covering the top of his head. They were fairly large, so removing them surgically was complicated, but Darik came through it with flying colors. As his gorgeous head was healing, one of the workers noticed that Darik was not using his back legs properly. This is an indication that dogs, especially Dachshunds, could be suffering from Intervertebral Disk Disease, or IVDD. Darik was rushed into surgery in the hopes that we could keep him from complete paralysis. Darik also came through THAT surgery with flying colors. He endured intensive physical therapy as we tried to help him regain the sensation in his back and legs. Darik is fully healed now, but does not have the range of movement he once used to. He scoots around well enough, however, and is one of the happiest dogs we've ever known. Darik is the Captain of the sunroom. He keeps his friends in line and loves all of his people. The volunteers vie for his affection by providing him with an endless supply of stuffed squeaky toys. We are certain that there has never been a dog that loves his toys as much as Darik does. His eyes literally light up when he sees a new one coming his way. He wiggles wildly with the delight of it all. Darik is ready for a home of his own, but there are conditions. TOYS. Toys in abundance. Toys all of the time. An endless stream of toys.

UPDATE: We've noticed recently that Darik is doing a lot less scooting and a lot more actual walking! He still stumbles a bit but recovers nicely. He is just too comical zooming around with the ever present toy or tennis ball in his mouth. We also think that Darik will housetrain quite easily! He is starting to use our doggy door and will no longer mess in his pen. We are so proud of this boy. He really is a little Daredevil.
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