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10 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Washington.

For those of you already owned by a Dachshund, here's one for the record books. For those of you not, this may be a wonderful learning experience. Picture Emie as a human: she is sitting at a card table with her cronies, playing bridge or clipping coupons. Her hair is in rollers and her crimson lipstick may be slightly smudged. Her housecoat is covered in a pattern of lilacs and petunias. She is snacking on peanuts and drinking a glass of lemonade, that may or may not have a little something "extra" added to it. Emie is the quintessential little old lady with a bit of a chip on her shoulder. We think she is the funniest old bird we've ever known. Emie makes us work for her love. She is specific on how we are to pet her, what we are to feed her, which blankets to bestow upon her and how often we can adore her. We know her better than she knows herself however, and grin behind our hands when she sneaks up for a quick kiss before retreating to her bed. We are delighted by her occasional grumpy antics and humored by her haughty displays. Emie knows deep down that we understand her and we cherish her. Six years in a puppy mill, mammary tumors and a bunch of tooth extractions would make anyone a little bitter. So we try not to giggle too much as we don't want her to think we do not take her seriously, but really, she is SUCH a hoot.
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