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Hubba Bubba

Dachshund Mix
13 lbs
Hubba Bubba
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Nebraska.

Hubba Bubba is the best Bubba, other than our other Bubba, who is also a brilliant Bubba. We just have great Bubbas. Hubba Bubba was in a home and his dad person lost his job. The family suffered greatly and knew that it would be best to find their pal a home where he could be cared for the way he deserves. HUA has promised to try our very best to make that happen. Hubba Bubba is a VERY GOOD DOG (he asked us to capitalize that). He is a peppy little guy who minds his manners and does what we ask of him. He is cooperative, outgoing and loves to play. Hubba Bubba is not used to being around animals who don't always obey, so he has made it his mission to try to help us tame the wild ones. He tells them, "Dudes. Chill. Nobody likes a spaz." We appreciate Hubba Bubba's help immensely and will miss him when he moves out and leaves us with the heathens.
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