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12 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Nebraska.

Kramer's life hasn't been all that great up until just recently. Although he was at the pound labeled as a stray, we know he was born and bred in a puppy mill. After rehabilitating thousands of mill dogs over many years, our staff and volunteers know all too well the look in the eyes of these poor animals: fear, distrust, even anger sometimes. However, we think Kramer is brave enough to have busted out of that nasty old mill rather than having been tossed out. We like to tell ourselves that he had great hopes that, even though he'd never experienced a gentle touch from a human, there were some awesome people out in the world that would like to get to know him. And he was absolutely correct! From the moment he bounced into the shelter, Kramer was an altogether brand new dog. His eyes brightened, his ears perked up, his tail wagged and a huge grin graced his beautiful face. Kramer LOVES us. He is so grateful to be at the end of his awful adventures that he thanks us daily by being a perfectly behaved young gentleman. He is friendly and sweet and kind. He is happy. But Kramer has one thing left to do - he must complete his mission by finding his own home with his own family, something he's dreamed about for as long as he can remember.
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