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Oscar Featured

9 lbs
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Mr. Happy here was transported to the shelter from another rescue group in Wyoming, where there are too many dogs and not enough adopters. He is such a special little guy with a love for toys that comes close to that of the famous Darik Dachshund. Oscar is all about good times. He is a high roller when it comes to play time, but also cherishes the time he spends in the many warm laps he encounters belonging to staff and volunteers. Although he is loving and generally an all-around great fella, we think someone may have been mean to Oscar at one time in his life. He loves to be held, but we must be careful not to startle him when we pick him up. It scares him, as if it's been done roughly to him before and he remembers. This deeply saddens us as we cannot imagine anyone ever intentionally hurting Oscar or being too rough with him. Nonetheless, Oscar adores people and is incredibly thrilled at the prospect of a fabulous home where he can play the day away, every day.
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