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12 lbs
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, NE

You are looking into the eyes of the bravest, most forgiving dog that ever walked the earth. You are looking into the eyes of a dog whose spirit should be shattered, who should be frightened and confused, angry and depressed. But yet this ruggedly handsome gentleman is the picture of love and grace. Russ was found by employees of the Humane Society drop box when they got to work early one morning. There was a note left with him, written by an elderly person who stated she was too old to take care of him anymore. For years Russ lived with this person. He had his own bed, his own yard, his own blankets and food bowls and toys. Russ surely never could have anticipated that one day he would go for a ride in the car he so enjoyed, only to be thrust unceremoniously through a drop box, left completely and utterly alone. Still, he loves people. Still, he is happy and waggy and bouncy and spry. He loves snuggling with us and giving sweet kisses. He enjoys playing with his new friends. He never complains or cries or shouts in anger. Russ now has a new bed with new blankets and toys, but what he really needs is his new home. He is house trained, loves car rides, walks nicely on a leash, mutters contentedly in his sleep. He is a wonderful, deserving, smart, devoted animal and we are dedicated to finding him his true forever home as quickly as we possibly can.
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