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Beethoven Featured

Setter Mix
44 lbs
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This gorgeous creature was found as a stray in a small town near the shelter. We have no idea what caused him to be homeless and cannot for the lives of us fathom that anybody could let such a prize go. Beethoven is wonderful. He is happy all of the time. He makes us laugh so hard our sides split when he is engaged in his favorite past-time: bird chasing. He makes a great game of it and his focus and concentration astound us. He never catches one, for which we are sincerely grateful, but he sure does put on a good show. Beethoven is healthy as a horse, except for his hearing. Our vet believes he is completely deaf. Most people that meet him would never know it as the dear is very attentive to our body language and signals. He wants to please all people and therefore makes it his full time job to stay totally tuned in. We think this boy is such a delight and he will be a great catch for just about any family.
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