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Carrie Featured

48 lbs
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We recently received a call from a kind man who lives a few miles from the shelter. He told us that a lovely, friendly Foxhound had wandered onto his property and he was in fear for her life. She was covered in fleas and ticks, practically skeletal and had a severe injury to one of her back legs. When we got to the man's house and saw Carrie, we understood why he was so concerned. Carrie looked absolutely pitiful. We assume she had been hit by a car due to the condition of her hip and leg. We got her to the vet right away and she had immediate surgery to fix her up. All the while, Carrie showed us nothing but gratitude and patience. Now that she has healed, her personality has come shining through. She is a bit of a rascal, and amuses herself (and us!) with her silly antics. She is a thief of others' toys, beds and blankets. She bounds about the place, searching for some unsuspecting victim who is not watching his/her belongings carefully and BAM! they become Carrie's. She is a smart girl and plans her burglaries with great precision. Because she is so nice and so pretty, Carrie rarely gets any backlash from her friends. Maybe they figure that after all she's been through, she deserves a little fun. Carrie loves walking on the leash and sight-seeing. She is a delightful young lady with a heart of pure gold.
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