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Quinnie Featured

German Shepherd
54 lbs
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Quinnie was dumped at a shelter in Tennessee by humans who were supposed to love her. Her family couldn't be bothered with training this sweet puppy, so they kept her in a crate constantly. Quinnie was probably thrilled to get away from those people and she bears no emotional scars from being surrendered. She is such a happy girl and adores showing off her mad leash skills. She loves car rides and the humans who give them to her. Quinnie never met a stranger, so much so that she does not like to be alone. She is a sensitive soul who basks in the company of humans and the other dogs. She is a sweet, smart, gorgeous girl who is all sunshine and joy.
Quinnie developed youthful cataracts and had surgery to correct the problem. Later she was diagnosed with retinas that were becoming detached. John drove Quinnie to Illinois for the very specialized surgery that she needed to save this lovely, vibrant, young dog’s sight. We are happy to report that Quinnie’s surgery was successful and she can continue to enjoy the active life that she loves.
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