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Rudolph Featured

German Shepherd
90 lbs
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Rudolph was brought to the shelter at three years of age. He had lived outside on a chain since he was a baby. When the chain grew into his neck and began to strangle him, his owner had it surgically removed and promptly got rid of him. He was emaciated when he arrived, with dry, sparse hair falling out by the handful. For some reason that we cannot understand, Rudolph adores people, even after being abused for his entire life. This magnificent animal clings to people, rolls on his back for belly rubs, and plays the most delightful games. He is exceptionally well-mannered on a leash and learns all cues immediately. But before you go thinking that he is PERFECT, there's something you must know about our gentle giant. He is convinced that most other dogs are his enemies. It is likely that he was attacked more than once as he was restrained by that chain, unable to defend himself and unable to escape. We have been working with him on positive conditioning and he is showing some improvement. However, because of his size and power, Rudolph will most likely always need to be the only dog of an expert handler. We trust this person will come along and see this majestic dog for the marvel that he is.
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