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Merry Featured

Giant Schnauzer/Lab Mix
52 lbs
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Merry was rescued from the pound just around Christmas time. We knew right away this was a dog that nobody ever cared about. She had no self worth and nothing to be happy about. She was aloof and disinterested and depressed. She is such a regal, beautiful girl and it broke our hearts that her spirit was so shattered. We have worked steadily with Merry, trying desperately to break down the protective wall she has built around herself. She is making slow but steady progress, but still needs more convincing. Merry will come around. She needs time, attention and a sense of security, things she clearly never had in her life before HUA. We would love nothing more than to see a constant grin and a crazy tail wag from the lovely Miss Merry, and we know there is a special someone out there willing to love her into a happy, carefree, silly family dog.
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