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Maurice Featured

10 lbs
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Maurice came to us from a breeder in the midwest. At first he was very worried that humans would do something horrible to him, so he hid behind things thinking we could not see him. Gradually, Maurice's Havanese curiosity got the best of him, and he began to peer around corners to find out if everybody was acting happy. He learned that trips to the sunroom meant bites of delicious chicken and warm greetings. Maurice now sits on laps. This may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but for a dog that has been without love for so long, it is gigantic. He actually thinks laps are not bad at all. Maruice will thrive in his own home. He loves the company of his other small dog friends and as long as people are not loud and charging toward him, he is getting comfortable with being with us. He is a darling gentleman that deserves the best of all families, and we know now that he is ready to accept love, the thought of which once terrified him.
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