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Dilbert Featured

Labrador Mix
56 lbs
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Dilbert was picked up on the side of the road near the shelter. We aren't sure what happened to him, but his head cocks to one side. Our vet has assured us that he is in no pain and there is nothing neurologically wrong with him. We think it's sort of cute, actually, as it gives him a constant expression of inquisitiveness. Dilbert is very affectionate and is a huge fan of hugs and kisses. He is adventurous and loves to be a part of the goings-on. We are working diligently on his leash training because we do want him to be able to share in fun times. He is a strong, handsome boy that appreciates rewards for good behavior and wants to please. Dilbert will do best with a family that would like an enthusiastic, loyal player but will also take the time to continue his training as he is super smart and happiest when he has a job to do.
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