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Lhasa Apso Mix
18 lbs
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Todd lost his family when they were forced from their home in Missouri after tornadoes destroyed the town. Although they were heartbroken beyond belief, Todd's people had to give him up because dogs were not allowed in their new house. Todd was wicked mad about this, then shocked, then confused, and finally just very sad. We tried to console this poor boy and we showed him everything great about the shelter, but he didn't want to hear it. He had to grieve for what was lost and we gave him some time and space. Todd eventually came around to understanding that this situation was but a bump in the road and that he could be happy in his new surroundings. He decided to love us, to shower us with affection, to cherish his new toys and ask nicely for belly rubs. He made friends with the other dogs and fell into a routine full of fun and laughter. We did promise him that we would try to find him a new family ASAP, and he promised us that he'd continue to be cheerful and uplifting until such a day comes.
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