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Bob Dylan

9 lbs
Bob Dylan
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Nebraska.

On April 15th, 2013, Hearts United for Animals rescued 19 dogs from miserable conditions where they had lived for years in a Lancaster County, Nebraska puppy mill. Most of them were underweight, and all have medical issues due to severe neglect. All of the dogs were so happy to be rescued. They delighted in the comfort given to them by their rescuers. They enjoyed their clean new spaces and wonderful soft food. They lapped up their fresh, clean, abundant drinking water – something they had been lacking.

Rescuers decided that these dogs are definitely rock stars! They came through their ordeal with such happy, positive attitudes, looking forward to their much improved new lives. They survived, they endured, and they will become loved family members.

Bob Dylan is a hearty little fellow. We posted his estimated birthdate, but it is clear to us that he is probably not nearly that old. After years of neglect he lost only 5 teeth, which is unheard of for a 10 year dog from a puppy mill. When he arrived at the shelter he had painful, oozing skin abrasions from being shaved too closely. His beautiful hair has since grown in and he is the most handsome prince. Bob is a smart kid. At first he had some reservations about people, but he quickly got over that and is now showing us that he can learn all sorts of things quickly. John, our main caregiver, thinks he is the bees knees, and if anyone knows a dog, it's John. We are having tons of fun watching this guy learn the ropes and know for certain he will be the most wonderful pet in his own home.
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