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Dustin Featured

7 lbs
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Dustin’s freedom was purchased at a dog auction in central Nebraska. Life before HUA was terrifying for Dustin. Never did he feel a soft touch and never did he hear a kind word. He had probably never even be seen by a vet to make sure he was in good health. To the contrary, after his dental work was completed, he had not a single tooth left in his sore and swollen mouth. Dustin is the typical breeder dog who has little trust in people. He is unspoiled and independent. He has, however, discovered the joys of playing in the big yards and all the comforts of the shelter. We often remark that he has a habit of stopping and looking at us, tilting his precious head, as if he has something of great importance to communicate. We know he will be able to overcome his demons with the safety and surety of his very own home, and we rejoice in the thought that this adorable little guy will finally show everyone that sparky Maltese personality we know is somewhere inside of him.
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