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Jackson Featured

be my buddy
Born: 09/07/2010
7 lbs

Jackson was rescued from a renowned puppy mill, deemed one of the worst in the country. Conditions there are deplorable in every sense. Dogs rescued from this mill often come with a wealth of medical and behavorial issues. Jackson has periodic, unexplained gastointestinal issues. He has had a barrage of tests done in order to figure out what is going on, but all of his exams have come back clean. Jackson also has a bad rear leg, which he does not use. The poor little guy has been to three different vets, but none have been able to determine what is wrong with that leg. It does not seem to cause him any pain - he just never puts weight on it. Jackson is a little bit shy, but as sweet as they come. He absolutely loves relaxing in the huge, oh-so-comfy dog beds. He likes playing with the other little dogs and has become best buddies with Vigo, the cat. He is a delightful little creature who has had such a bad time of it and deserves the best of all homes, where he will be coddled and adored and treated like the prince that he is.
Buddy Messages (2)
His Buddy, Margaret Lewis, from Arlington, MA, sent him this message: "Hello sweet adorable Jackson! There is no looking back now! Your new life is beginning, and we are sure you will find your forever home soon. You are so special and so deserving. Until then, you are in wonderful, loving hands. Lillie is also a puppy mill rescue and sends you hugs, kisses, and best wishes." Jackson thinks Margaret is right, and sends her many grateful hugs and happy tail wags, and wants to share lots of puppy kisses with Lillie, too!
His Buddy, Angela Hultberg, from La Vista, NE, sent him this message: "Jackson you are such a beautiful little guy. I love your sweet smile and your fur looks so soft and cuddly. I'm sorry that you have tummy troubles now and then. I hope that you will find your "forever" home some day where you will be loved and cuddled like you should be." Jackson is very anxious for that to happen, too, and sends Angela lots of tiny, happy kisses and soft, cuddly hugs!

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