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8 lbs
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now living happily in Pasadena Maryland

Lauren is a sweet, shy, unassuming puppymill survivor. She was not in such great shape when she arrived at HUA - her mouth was severely infected and we noted that she had several mammary tumors. She lost almost all of her teeth at her dental visit, and then underwent surgery to remove her tumors. Thankfully, the pathology report showed a good outcome and prognosis. Now that Lauren is feeling so much better, her sweet disposition is beginning to shine through. She is tuning in to people and learning all of the delights of freedom. She has such fun playing with her roommates and we can see how content she is becoming. Lauren still has a lot to learn about all that is good in the world. She does not know yet how to play with a toy. It is hard to descibe the joy that families of mill dogs feel the first time they see their charges play. Dog behavior that others may take for granted is celebrated and cherished. Lauren is ready to be celebrated. She deserves to be cherished. And we cannot wait to hear the story of the very first time she walks into a room with a squeaky toy poised in that precious little mouth.
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