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Sneakers Featured

Miniature Pinscher
13 lbs
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Poor little Sneakers spent the first 9 years of his life in an rotten, horrible puppy mill. This sweet boy is afraid of people. As we work with him he is becoming more calm, not so utterly terrified as he was at first, but progress is slow. We can only imagine what he must have endured for almost a decade of his life to make him so panic stricken. We know we will reach him, hopefully one day the lightbulb will just turn on and he will realize that he is safe and loved. Often that is how it happens with dogs who are this afraid, and Sneakers is a smart boy, so we think it will happen for him too. He is an adorable little fellow who deserves the best, and we will continue to make sure that life is as comfortable for him as possible. Sneakers is a male Miniature Pinscher. He was born 8/1/00 and weighs 13.4 pounds.
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