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Miniature Schnauzer Mix
11 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lawrence, KS.

Young Conroy is just as sweet, sensitive and agreeable as any Schnauzer can be. In a small town close by, a person found him in his backyard, requesting nicely that he be let in out of the cold and given a nice, hearty meal. He was confused about his circumstances and not at all pleased to be fending for himself in what he must have considered to be the vast wilderness. Conroy is too nice and naive a boy to be anything but a beloved pet. He shines around people, just loves everybody, and is happy to play with the other small dogs as often as possible. He is a creature of comfort and gets snuggly and cozy in the many dog beds and human sofas, as if he is still ridding himself the chill of winter in Nebraska. He is not shy about asking for belly rubs and will crawl right into our laps to make sure we are as happy and content as he is. Conroy gets along with everyone. He has not a bad bone in his body. He will transition quickly and easily into a home, as long as he is considered part of the family and treated as an "individual." His words, not ours. We think he means "person."
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