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17 lbs
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HUA recently took in a wonderful bunch of smushy-faced, charming and sweet dogs from a local humane society. They were there due to a severe case of hoarding that resulted in the suffering of many dogs due to neglect and lack of medical attention. When the humane society was unable to adopt out some of the older and/or special needs dogs, they contacted us for help, knowing that these glorious animals would always have a home with HUA if they never found their forever homes. We love these animals and they have all become very important to us.

Vadin is a serious, contemplative guy who is quite pleasing to the eye. We think he is just gorgeous and tell him every day that he is supremely good looking. Vadin doesn't really care about such things and is happy enough to know that the next meal is coming and a warm bed awaits. We often wonder what is on his mind as he appears to be deep in thought most of the time. He is independent and does a lot of considering but doesn't tell us a whole lot. Vadin very much enjoys the company of other intelligent and stately dogs and wants people to know that he is a quiet, introspective chap who would appreciate a nice home.
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