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9 lbs
Emily Geiger
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In July 2012, a sheriff of a small town in South Dakota called one of our directors, Julie, about 30 Pomeranians who were starving with no water. They were living in a patch of noxious weeds taller than most people. The owner/breeder had planned on shooting them, but she was allowed to willfully surrender them. The situation was one of the worst Julie had ever seen, and the rescue itself seemed impossible to carry out at times. Many of the tiny dogs were so feral and afraid that they bit and thrashed and screamed at the end of the catchpoles. Working in the heat and filth caused many rescuers to become ill. Newborn pups were found under boards near their mother, who was eating a dead bird. One fragile, terrified little Pom's fur was matted so badly that a frog was living in it. Julie and the sheriff were absolutely horrified by the sights and smells of that day.

Emily Geiger is a prankster. She is full of (what she thinks to be) hilarious practical jokes. Her favorite game in the world is Yanking On Pantslegs Then Zooming Away. Emily is the Olympic Gold Medalist of this game. Not that she has a whole lot of competition, but still. Emily lives with the shy little guy named Henry Knox and she is the boss of him. She tells him what to do and when to do it and he is nicely compliant. We could sit for hours watching the two of them come to conclusions about the world and how it should be run, but Em is the one who has the last word. For all her wit and silly games, Emily Geiger still has some work to do in the trust department. She adores playing, but does not want to be touched. We have to cajole her into our laps and even once she's there, she is not quick to settle. This is a by-product of the severe neglect she suffered and she has decided that she will take her own sweet time when it comes to snuggling. We know she'll get there eventually but right now she is just not 100% ready. Emily needs a home with patient people who understand that for all of her love for life, she will need some convincing before she seeks out love and affection from her humans.
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