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Mariah Featured

12 lbs
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It is certainly easy to tell why the puppy millers kept Mariah for so long. Surely she made beautiful babies and they probably sold for top dollar. Sadly, her breeding days turned into months, then years. She was bred until her tiny body refused to do so anymore. Mariah just finally gave up, and for that she was thrown out like yesterday's trash. Although it is always so sad for us to rescue a dog that was abused for so many years, it is hardly shocking. We did for Mariah what we do for every old mama that comes into our care, exhausted and hopeless. We loved her. We showed her what life can really be like. We held her, cuddled her, assured her that everything was going to be just fine. Mariah gets it. She understands she is safe and she is becoming a happy little soul. She loves her delicious food and the simple things like soft blankets and quick kisses. We envision her with a family that recognizes her inner princess. She is so pretty, and so dainty, and probably would look perfectly lovely in a tiara. Pictures, please.
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