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Paul Revere

11 lbs
Paul Revere
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omana, NE

Put simply, our Paul Revere's spirit was shattered by the cruelty of a puppy miller. He came to us scared out of his wits, and hated being touched or even seen by humans. He would stare warily whenever we approached him and refused all eye contact. His soul had been broken. We have worked very hard with Paul, trying to get him to understand that he is safe, loved, and worthy of good things. He has responded by allowing us to hold him, taking food from our hands, and not shaking like a leaf when we speak to him. He has found comfort and even some happiness from the company of his dog friends, and he follows them around with a wagging tail and a little smile. Paul Revere needs a quiet home with somebody who understands that he needs patience and unconditional love. It would be best that there is also at least one small, friendly dog in his home to continue teaching Paul how to be a dog and to assure him that he is finally free and safe from harm.
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