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Brown Sugar

20 lbs
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar is a most gorgeous creature with a lost soul. She was born in a puppy mill in Wyoming and has not ever forgotten nor forgiven the humans that tortured her for the first several years of her life. We have spent many years trying to convince her that the humans at Hearts United for Animals are good and kind and that we love her. Unfortunately Brown Sugar has just been too emotionally damaged to accept that. She still bolts in fear the moment a human comes near, and eye contact sends her into a pure panic. She is a lovely girl who does enjoy the company of other dogs, loves to run around her big yard and very much likes the view from her condo yard where she can keep watch on everyone. She feels safe in her big condo with her dog pals. We are so happy to be able to provide her with the comfort that she needs to live life peacefully on her own terms.
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