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Rat Terrier
14 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living in NY.

Fiori came to us in celebration. The puppy mill in Missouri where she was born had finally, FINALLY crumbled into failure and we were able to bring the very last dogs back to HUA. This came after many years of taking the sickest, oldest, most terrfied dogs from that wretched place, and it was a day of great happiness for all of us. Thankfully, Fiori did not live there for a very long time, and her spirit was not yet broken. She wasn't sick and she wasn't scared. She is simply a happy, friendly, silly, playful little sprite with a special fondness for laps and kisses. She is a smart girl who loves to watch all the comings and goings and is often suspected of trying to figure out how to outsmart us. We can tell she is a deep thinker. True to her breed, Fiori is energetic and adores play time. She is a great friend and an agile player. We are thrilled to know that she escaped the horrors of that Missouri mill before she had a chance to decided that people are mean and hateful. We are ecstatic to know that this funny, silly little dog will soon find herself living in the lap of luxury with not a care in the whole world.
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