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be my buddy
Rat Terrier Mix
Born: 10/06/2002
9 lbs

One of the things we love about new arrivals is discovering what the caregivers name their dogs. There is a lot of thought that goes into this process and most times, they get it just right. Example: Hot Shot. Perfect. This crazy boy is full of energy and total happiness! He can not WAIT for recess time so that he can visit with all of his friends and toss new toys joyfully into the air. He waits in his pen, all four paws dancing up and down, behind wiggling wildly, eyes bright and ears perked. Then OUT he shoots, bouncing from friend to friend, so very thankful for this wonderful life. Hot Shot just makes us laugh. It's amazing to see such joy from a dog that was born in a puppy mill from which some of our sickest dogs came. But Hot Shot is healthy and happy and so ready to move on! He will be pure entertainment for his new family.
Buddy Messages (2)
His Buddy, Anne Poubeau, from Portsmouth, NH, sent him this message: "Hotshot! You look like you would fit right in with the usual furry suspects who live with our friends and neighbors LJ and Josh. We adopt you in their name and send you a big hug from New Hampshire!" Hotshot sends Anne and her friends many happy kisses and big, grateful hugs in return!
His Buddy, Marcy Stewart and family, from Lincoln, Nebraska, sent him this message: "Hotshot, you act just like our Rat Terrier Scout. He plays with his toys just like you. I wish we could adopt you but we are just not ready after losing our Rat/Chi in Nov. I want to make sure you have what you need until your forever home finds you. I know that will be soon jsut by looking at your face. Who can resist those big brown eyes. Love, Scout, Marcy and Brian Stewart" Hot Shot sends the Stewart family many happy, grateful hugs and kisses.

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Hearts United for Animals is a national no-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization. Hearts United for Animals does long distance adoptions if there are safe flights and we have volunteers in the area to do a home visit. We require an application, references and a home visit to adopt one of our dogs. Our dogs are all spayed or neutered and are current on health care. We can cat test a dog if requested. If you are interested in adopting a dog, we can give you more information on each dog if you click the Adoption Info & Application link above. Buddies are people who support the dog and send them love while they are waiting for their new home. The dog does not live with the buddy.