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Sprout Featured

Toy Rat Terrier
7 lbs
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Sprout was a breeder's dog. Surely he turned a great profit as he is adorable and tiny. But after six years with nothing but misery from humans, he came to the shelter afraid of people. Of course, we understand this so well and our staff is trained to deal with dogs that are terrified of touch, so we took our time with Sprout. He is now a huge favorite around here. Actually, he is riot. He performs enchanting dances, twirls, bows, swoops, all to charm people. He is still a little fearful of being touched, but he has learned the routine and what big fun this place is. He loves to visit the sunporch and yells if other little dogs are going and nobody has thought of him yet. When he gets there, he sits on the huge, comfy blanket on top of the Kuranda bed in the corner, as if he is peering down upon his kingdom. We think he is just so darling, a little entertainer if ever there was one. Sprout will do best if his new home is not too busy or rowdy. He is learning to attach to people and we know having his own family will speed up the process tremendously.
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