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Schnauzer Mix
21 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our girl Beary is a heartbreaker. She came from a severe hoarding situation where the dogs were never allowed outdoor access. They existed in a huge, indoor pack, forced to survive in their own filth with no attention from the humans in the house. Beary was extremely timid when she arrived at the shelter and trusted nobody. Everything was brand new to her and it was all very scary. In time, the dear girl came to know us and to love us and she has blossomed into a goofy, light-hearted, bouncy little dog who jumps for joy when her people are around. She is still somewhat wary of strangers, but she knows that people who visit the shelter are kind and gentle and she gives everyone a chance at getting to know her. She will sit down nicely next to new people, sizing them up, and then very slowly rolls onto her back for a belly rub. The longer she knows a person, the quicker she is to ask for attention. We think Beary is such a delightful creature and she has won our hearts with her sweet, soulful eyes and willingness to trust even when she has been neglected so badly.
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