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Schnauzer Mix
17 lbs
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Happily living in Omaha, NE

Gretchen is a young, active, beautiful girl who is learning great things at HUA. When she first arrived, she was a little sensitive and we had to convince her that she was in a good place. She soon found that we have a massive stash of fantastic toys and this made her feel much better. She loves to play and entertains us constantly with her cute antics - fetching, chasing, hopping, flipping her stuffed animals in the air, smiling all the while. She has become fast friends with her room-mates and is enjoying all the spectacular volunteers who cannot resist her sweet, silly little self. That being said, Gretchen has decided to become The Queen of Not So Great First Impressions. Upon first meetings, she cowers and acts as if life is treating her so very, very poorly. Although we commend her for her fantastic acting abilities, we have told her that it is high time she step up to the plate and show people the real Gretchen. She is currently mulling this suggestion over. In the mean time, if you meet Gretchen and she is acting the fool, please forgive her for her emotional displays and remember that in almost no time at all, she will be shining brightly and prancing happily.
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