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Alani Featured

Shih Tzu
10 lbs
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Alani was born in a puppy mill. As if the rusted wire cage, lack of nutrition and lack of love were not horrid enough, Alani had the great misfortune of getting a chain stuck in her mouth. The pain must have been excrutiating, and we do not know how long it had been there. Because of this, Alani's mouth area needs cleaning now and again to prevent infection. She does not enjoy this activity much, as she is protective of the injury, but she is learning that it makes her feel better and is trying to be patient with us. Due to her difficult past, Alani was quite shy when she first arrived at the shelter, but the kind words and gentle hands of the people all around her are convincing her that she is safe and sound now. She is seeking out attention and starting to explore her new surroundings. We can finally see a sense of peace in her huge, pretty brown eyes.
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