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Eric Clapton

Shih Tzu Mix
7 lbs
Eric Clapton
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now living happily in Tabor, Iowa

On April 15th, 2013, Hearts United for Animals rescued 19 dogs from miserable conditions where they had lived for years in a Lancaster County, Nebraska, puppy mill. Most of them were underweight, and all have medical issues due to severe neglect. All of the dogs were so happy to be rescued. They delighted in the comfort given to them by their rescuers. They enjoyed their clean new spaces and wonderful soft food. They lapped up their fresh, clean, abundant drinking water – something they had been lacking.

Rescuers decided that these dogs are definitely rock stars! They came through their ordeal with such happy, positive attitudes, looking forward to their much improved new lives. They survived, they endured, and they will become loved family members.

Eric came to the shelter with no teeth, a rotted bottom jaw, anemia and urinary tract problems. He totally didn't care how ill he was. Eric arrived and became an instant favorite. He insisted on being shown how things were run and proceeded to teach the lesser animals how to get it right. He absolutely adores joining the staff and volunteers at events and has become quite famous in his own right. He is a real performer and will kiss up to anyone just to get his fuzzy face in the spotlight. When pictures are taken, Eric assumes his best pose for the publicity shots. He seeks out his favorite people to flirt and strut his stuff. He has learned who on the staff sets up the field trips and follows them from room to room lest they forget that he is the superstar. We could write paragraphs about the antics of this hilarious little character, but we are trying to prevent a swelled head. Suffice to say that Eric's family needs to be prepared for side-splitting antics and constant companionship.
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